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Behavior Adjustment Training:
BAT for Fear, Frustration, and Aggression in Dogs
by Grisha Stewart

Behavior Adjustment Training is a low-stress way to help dogs gain confidence and social skills. The first-ever BAT book is written so that non-trainers with reactive dogs can easily read through it to help their dogs but it also has a technical side, making it very useful for professionals. The book has "Notes for Pros" throughout and special technical chapters for trainers and behaviorists.

Contents include -
  • Quick Fixes: Safety and Management Essentials
  • A Functional Approach: Functional Rewards and Replacement Behaviors
  • Functional Rewards and Replacement Behaviors for Reactive Dogs
  • BAT Set-Ups for Reactivity
  • BAT for Everyday Walks
  • BAT for Frustrated Greeters
  • Love Thy Neighbor: Fence Fighting
  • BAT for Puppy Socialization
  • For Professional Trainers and Behaviorists: Using BAT with Clients
We also have two of Grisha's DVDs, Organic Socialisation; BAT for Fear and Aggression and Behaviour Adjustment Training
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